The Red Man: A Collection From The Pit

What would you do with only one day left to live? For the man known only as The Traveler, he must spend his last day writing to his friends and family letters while he is imprisoned by the supernatural entity known as The Red Man. The world has been overruled by The Red Man and his unsettling reign. As the world falls more apart day by day, those left to endure The Red Man’s torture continues to hope for the arrival of The King, who has become a myth within The Red Man’s Netherworld. As The Traveler waits for his death in The Pit, he decides to leave his letters, poems, and stories behind as his final words of hope for those he is leaving in the violent world of The Red Man.

The Red Man: A Collection From The Pit is a novel written by Trenton Guthrie that follows along with The Traveler and his written stories, letters, and poems as he tells the horendous events of The Red Man. Down below are blogs that have been written by the author that follow along with the novel to provide more information on the story.

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