Vaccine / Essential

Back against the brick wall,

Eyes glued to the skewed scene,

Left true to scratch and crawl,

Are you my cure, vaccine?


I thought that I found God

But was wrong til eighteen

When he killed my façade,

But is He my vaccine?


My life is still so sick,

Burning with propylene.

I feel so anemic,

Will you assure vaccine?


Toxic tears fill my mind,

Your hands wipe my eyes clean.

Essential and divine,

You truly are Vaccine.


By the way, you are my

Peace, my peace, my peace, my

God, my God, my God, my

Piece of heaven’s glory.

Never Satan’s quarry.

Heaven writes my story.


Essential and my care.

You are my perfect air.

Essential and distilled.

Your will is now fulfilled.

Essential and divine.

You keep my life in mind.


By the way, you are my

Joy, my joy, my joy, my

Song, my song, my song, my

Redeemer unforeseen.

You keep me pure and clean.

You truly are Vaccine.

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