Quarantine II

It’s not dirty until it is clean

It’s not alive until it dies

Oh what a tragic life

It must be to spend such time

Looking at a dying mind in quarantine

Rather than imagining a life of paradise


Money plus love equals paradise

Minus those and life offers a clean

Slate to focus on what’s good in quarantine.

Yet you’d rather run wild til the rush dies.

The rush will truly die in due time.

In a rush, one does not reflect on life.


The rush doesn’t stare at the mirror of life,

In its glass there is no eternal paradise.

No one has time to wait for time.

It takes time to stare at the mirror and to clean

The charming thought before it dies

While placed in the scene of quarantine


Oh how I avoid the quarantine.

Ever since a teen, I hide my life

From my mind because it dies

When it cannot have its nice paradise

A paradise of mind never truly becomes clean

It just messes up the reality in quick time.


Stop thinking, there will be another time

To practice mental hygiene in quarantine

Ever since eighteen, I have been clean.

From there on, I live a clean, green life.

But one day’s luxury of paradise

May not exist tomorrow when the time dies.


In quarantine, one dreams indeed dies

But another dream builds in quiet time.

A time dedicated to build a new paradise.

Don’t demean what is seen in quarantine.

Let your time be devoted to your life

And let your mind become clean.

A dream dies, but a mind is clean.

Take time to examine your life

And find heaven’s paradise in quarantine.

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