A soliloquy of what is inside.

That is what I present to you.

A presentation of who I am and

Who I have become.

I lie to myself constantly,

Better yet, I believe the lies

Others tell me.

“You’re this, you’re that.”

The only thing I am is me.

But, I know me all too well.

And on the inside, I don’t like me.

Trapped is a beast, a monster, a virus even.

It seems to sicken me more and more

As the days go on and on.

For someone that looks put together on the


I am merely broken and contagious on the


They say that’s what really matters,

What’s on the inside.

What if I don’t actually like

What’s on the inside?

“Oh, just let it out.

If you do, you’ll be free.”

If I let my insides out,

It may kill you.

It may kill me.

That’s what a contagion does, right?

It kills you from the

Inside out

And then spreads to others.

Maybe quarantine isn’t that bad after all.

The only cure I know is to be vaccinated

By one who will love me unconditionally from the

Inside out.

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