The Red Man: Context Clues

This is a story that requires you to focus. Like, a lot!

The story follows a man that is imprisoned by a monsterous entity that the the world refers to as The Red Man. While imprisoned, the man, known as The Traveler, writes letters, stories, and poetry to express the horrors that he has faced while in the hellacious prison.

The book is insanely complex. Because of this, it is highly important to maintain a strong focus of the text, or else you will miss what the entire story is about. Or even worse, your own interpretation of the story will not have any foundation.

I know most authors are hesitant to share what their stories are about. Sometimes they fear that they will overtell their stories and their readers will not have anything to look forward to. For me, however, I want the readers to have an easy, yet exciting, experience with my story. If the readers are so distracted by the complexity of the story then there won’t be as much enjoyment.

That is why it is so important to read the text given. Each and every word written on the pages are purposeful and intentional. There is a reason for what I have written. There is a reason why the writer’s name is only The Traveler. There is a reason why the monster’s name is The Red Man. There is a reason why it is so complex. There is a reason for everything!

There are four main stories that can be read within this novel: the letters written by The Traveler along with three separate three-part stories, (“In The Night,” “Miles,” and “The Bloody Ghost”), each written by The Traveler also. These were at one point each written separately as their own individual story. However, they were not the only ones that were considered to be a part of this collection. Which is why whenever I decided to include different stories into this novel, I made sure that there was a reason behind choosing each one. And guess what? If you look close at the clues given, you will find out that each one of these stories are actually the same! However, this revelation cannot happen without you taking the time to deeply focus on what you are reading. Because also, if you are not careful, you could receive a false revelation and interpretation of the story and miss out on a truly remarkable tale that is being told to you in different ways. A tale of hope, a desperate one. To recognize this hope, you have to pay close attention to what I have written.

I believe that what I have written is a beautifully complex story about the inner demons within us all. There is fear, horror, dread, but deep down, hope. My hope is that those messages (the many, many messages) are examined and applied to each of the readers. However, those messages won’t become clear unless they understand the context clues.

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