Why You Should Create More

I had a conversation with a friend a few days ago and he was discussing how he hasn’t written in awhile. I asked him why and he said the thing that most of us would usually say:

“I just haven’t had the time to.”

That is usually the response that people give me when I ask them why they don’t write anymore or whenever I tell them that I write. They usually respond with that or something else like “Oh, I don’t really have anything to write about,” or “I’m not a good writer.” I have been writing for my own personal blog for over a year now and have been in school as a writer for over four years (going on my fifth and FINAL year, so prayers are definitely appreciated). It’s definitely a passion of mine and I definitely can understand why some may not like to write. Heck, sometimes I don’t even like writing. Towards the end of the semester, I’ll go ahead and tell you, you’ll see a lot less of these blogs being posted because I have lost all physical, mental, and emotional motivation to write another page. However, no matter how tired I get from writing, I will always love it. Why?

Because that is what I am supposed to do. In fact, writing may not be a specific passion for you, but I believe that creating should be. Each of us have something that we like to create. Stories. Photography. Sculptures. Graphics. Crazy coffee drinks. Delicious cakes (if this is you, please send some. Preferably carrot cake). But each of us have something that we are passionate about creating. And it’s so good for us to create.

I feel like we get so caught up in the everyday busyness that we don’t necessarily forget about those things, but instead, we just get, well… busy. I think that because of this busyness, it’s important for us to find that time to write, bake, film, whatever it is that you have a strong passion for. Why is this so important for us? Well, I’m glad that you asked!

We were created by a creative creator to create. That sounded confusing, I know. But that’s why we need to create, because we were indeed created with creative ambition. The beauty behind The Spoon is that there are people that come together, not out of religious connection or agreement, but instead they come together to create encouraging and inspiring things and to admire others who do the same. However, one thing that I am wanting to encourage you with is that the reason why I create is because I believe that I was created by a creative God and I want everything that I write about to represent Him. That may not be the reason why you create, but it’s a passion of mine to glorify God with my creativity.

What about you? Why do you create? Don’t you get such a relief, such a restful, joyful response whenever the things you create turn out the way you wanted? Sometimes they turn out even better than you expected, and it gives you even more joy. The reason why I believe this happens is because whenever God created us, in His unique image by the way, He finished with a time of rest. He found rest after He created us. Not because He was tired or exhausted, but because God found so much joy in creating us. We were the thing that He was the most passionate about during creation. While creating the world, it is mentioned that God claims everything He creates as “good”. But in Genesis 1:31, it isn’t until God creates us that He claims it as “very good.” In other words, He save the best for last. I mean, He had to be excited about creating us if He wanted to mold us after Himself. There is passion, desire, and love within it and He found so much rest in doing so. He was joyful in our existence.

So, once again, what about you? What do you create with passion, desire, and love? And I specifically say those things because sadly we live in a world that is engulfed with people that create with no love, passion, or desire. Well, it may be those things, but it may be out of a violent desire, a destructive passion, or a wicked love. Some create just for the sake to diminish, destroy, and detest others. That is why I say with a passion, desire, and most importantly, love. I hope that you find that love for creation and you find that love to share your creation to others for the sake of uplifting them and inspiring them. And in the midst of creating such loving and beautiful works, you’ll find great relief and rest. So, here some quick and practical things for you if you are interested, or if you just feel like reading some more.

Figure Out What Gives You Rest 

One thing a friend challenged me with a couple years ago was to look at my life throughout a week and find out what drains me and what fills me. What daily activities give me rest and which activities don’t? This is actually how I found out writing gives me rest. Once you figure out the activity, specifically something creative, move on to the next thing…

Find Time to Create

Schedule some time in the midst of your crazy week to create. Perhaps it’s writing one page per day, or per week. Perhaps it’s free up your Wednesday nights to paint or draw so you can find rest in your midweek. Perhaps it’s go into your coffee shop a little earlier than your shift actually starts so you can work on latte art (once again, this may be just me). But find that time to do so.

Don’t Despise What You Create 

Some may say it’s okay to hate something that you created. Trust me, there are many things that I have written that I absolutely hated at first. But the reason why I say don’t allow this to happen is because it’ll actually discourage your time of rest. Yes, creating can be challenging and it’s good to have a challenge, but don’t let the challenge keep you from your comfort. Creating is supposed to be comforting. So, seek comfort while creating before seeking a challenge. Even when it doesn’t turn out the way you intended, don’t hate it. Instead, figure out how you can make it better without it becoming stressful or distracting.

Admire What You Create 

Okay, so after you have finished your eleventh draft of your story or you finished your painting on your eighth canvas, take a step back and admire what you did. This is going to be the most restful thing you’ll get out of the creating process. Like I said, you don’t want the challenge to get in the way of your peace and joy, but it is definitely rewarding whenever you finished your creation after you put in all of that effort and skill. So, definitely take the time to reflect on it and enjoy the rest that comes with it.

Now, go and create something good!

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