The Ballad of a Selfishly Loving Two

For me, this ballad is long overdue. 

   The darkest area inside of me 

Is the longing of what I feel so true. 

   The longing to love those with a free 

Heart with no strings of value. 

   Attached is only my guarantee 

To love you with the old and the new 

   And doing so unconditionally. 


I’ll leave my door open, never for few, 

   But for all who need to be 

Loved by someone with the power to undo 

   The burdens they carry and to see 

That there is someone whose only view 

   Is to love them oh so willingly 

With a chance to find a new avenue 

   And to have one make them a cup of tea. 


Yet, the ballad for a two 

   Is one that, underneath, is solitary. 

For I selfishly love others into 

   Loving me with the same degree. 

How wrong is it to pursue 

   One with love just because I feel lonely? 

I am willing to love anyone, just one who 

   Will love me like a devotee. 


This is wrong of me to love through 

   The lonely pain that I lock with key. 

But the right love is only about you, 

   I just need to learn how to love you selflessly.  

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