Modern Day Psalm 2

Modern Day Psalm 2

Oh Lord, be my confidence.

As the days go by and trials come,

     be my confidence.

Whenever life brings its choices,

     give me faith to do what is right.

For the worry of the world’s many

     paths is heavy on my heart.

What should I do, oh Lord?

Where should I go?

The world pulls me this way

     and You the other.

Let me have trust that your way

     is for my good and for your glory.

As the violent winds push me away from you,

     let your faithfulness keep me founded.

For wherever I go, you are already there.

So, Father, be my guide.

Be my confidence.

And let your kingdom come

     and your will be done.

For your perfect will is for my good

     and your glory.

Praise be to my perfect God!

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