Modern Day Psalm 1

Modern Day Psalm 1

My dear God, I praise your
beautiful name.
The rock that my faith stands on.
The sun my world revolves around.
O God, you are my living water.

But why do I feel so dehydrated?
Like I haven’t tasted a drop
of water in weeks.
I have embraced the Spirit;
I have wept over the Word.
But yet I still feel like I am
drowning in a desert.
Where am I, my God?
Have I lost my thirst for you?

The peace that quenches my thirst
seems so far off.
Like the rings of Saturn, peace
spins around waiting for my
heart to grab hold.

O God, do not grow distant
for the sake of my reserved heart;
my flesh loves to travel afar.
Deliver me from my heartache;
pull me in from this foreign desert
so I may drink your springs once more.

Replenish my soul, allow my
selfish heart to bathe in your grace.
Receive my thanks and praise for drawing
me out of the wretched sand.

Praise be to You!
For you never grow distant
and you never abandon,
even when our hearts travel.

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