About Us: Trenton Guthrie

Growing up I was always fascinated by people with strong creativity. And I believe that everyone has been given a certain creative gift, but not everyone has been able to access their full potential. So the past few years I have been on the hunt to access my full creativity. I believe that I’ve been given the gift to not only write stories, poetry and other works, but to use them to impact the world around me.

And that has been my mission. One summer night while serving with a homeless ministry in Tulsa, a man who was serving with us made casual conversation with me about my life. I told him that I was pursuing an English degree, but I have a focus on becoming a better writer. I told him I want to write stories about my life and the lives of others. What he said in response actually inspires me to this very day. He asked me, “What’s so interesting about your life that you can write a story about it?” At first, I was a little unsure about what to do or say. I then responded with joy and purpose, “I believe everyone has a story, they just need to know how to tell it.”

My goal is to tell my story by telling stories. By writing poems. By encouraging the community around me with my words. There is way too much access to negative and degrading words in our culture. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. All have been abused with the purpose to discourage the world instead of building it up. That is not my goal. My goal is to not only use my writings to encourage the world, but to change it. In Genesis, the very first thing God did was create. The world and everything it contains was created by the Creator. Creativity is a power and He has blessed everyone with a that powerful gift. Why not honor Him by using this gift for a greater good? I hope that as you read our works, that you don’t feel discouraged or excluded, but encouraged and welcomed. We are here to inspire you and serve you with our creativity. My name is Trenton Guthrie and I am a spoon.

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