About Us: The Spoon

The Spoon started off as a simple dream that eventually flourished into a realistic idea. After many thought processes and many doubts that came with it, here we are! Our goal is to change the world around us with the power of creativity.

The name of The Spoon came from a simple T-shirt from elementary school. Whenever I was in 3rd grade, our church took us to a camp in Southern Oklahoma. While there, my dad bought me a T-shirt from a merch table. This red shirt had a spoon on the front with a simple saying “I am a spoon…” and continuing on the back “because spoons are meant for serving.” Fast forward about 10 years, I am exiting my first semester of college and just got home for Christmas Break shortly after becoming a Christian. I don’t remember what exactly I was looking for, but began digging in my closet for an old memory. I then came across that shirt and noticed on the back underneath the saying, reads “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” This verse comes from Ephesians 2 and instantly became an inspiration for my writings.

Thus the concept of The Spoon was born! The purposes of this collective is to serve God and the world with what God has given us beforehand. He created us to serve so we are here to serve Him with our creativity.

Our team is currently made up of myself and one of my closest friends, Cole Chandler. We both bring something different to The Spoon but we equally have the same purpose. This project is meant to be an extension of the church. We believe that all creativity is meant to give God glory, but one thing we are praying for is that this becomes a ministry that isn’t exclusive. We strongly believe in our God and are dedicated to serving Him, but we know that not every visitor will believe the same.

Which is why this ministry’s number one focus is the greatest commandments: love God and love others. So we pray that our works are used to share our love for God and for others. And through that love, the world may change. Cole and I are both eager to express our inspirations and encouragements with everyone. We are excited to serve and inspire each visitor that reads our stories or sees our photos. We have future projects that are being designed to extend our inclusive vision to everyone, so be in tune with us as we prepare that process. We are The Spoon and we are meant to serve.

2 thoughts

    • I bought it while at a kids camp with Kiamichi Baptist Assembly. I couldn’t tell you where to get one or how much. Be on the lookout though, we may make our own shirts soon.


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